peter lieuwen
SAVANNAH for woodwind quintet (1990)
Moran Wind Quintet
Moran Wind Quintet

SAVANNAH for woodwind quintet (1990) - 15 min.

Commissioned by Quintessence Winds

Savannah was inspired by natural sounds from the world's expansive regions of wind-swept tropical grasslands. Employing instrumental color as its essential structural element, the work's introduction combines a rhythmic ostinato (clarinet and horn) with a cantabile melodic gesture (oboe and bassoon) which are subject to continuous metamorphosis as the piece unfolds.

Following a brief cadenza for each instrument, the horn presents a final triumphant statement with different fragments of previously heard gestures in the other instruments.

Publisher: Keiser Southern Music

Recording: Postcards From The Center
The Moran Woodwind Quintet
Crystal Records CD 754

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Posted: Nov-15-2018
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