Astral Blue was written in 2006 and reflects the beauty of the natural earthly and cosmic environment. Bright, vibrant strings open with an insistent, repeated motif with brass adding the theme. The repeated motif is shared around the orchestra before lower strings add an underlying deep support. The music moves ahead with various instrumental sections taking the theme around the insistent motive. A harp brings a quieter section for woodwind, with the strings joining to bring a flowing melody. There is a fine breadth and free flow before rising up majestically. The harp brings another quieter section for strings to which the rest of the orchestra join as they move through passages of varied orchestration keeping a forward flow until a hush comes and a slow shimmering string passage arrives with little harp detail. A flute then clarinet enters before the music rises up to drive ahead with punctuated brass to the sparkling coda. There are some finely written instrumental passages in this lovely work.