SARUMBA (2016)

Exciting and Excellent - The Chamber Academy

The focus of the season opener in the arsenal was the premiere of "Sarumba". But everything else was convincing.

It seemed as if the Neusser had waited long enough, because the first concert at the beginning of the season of the German chamber academy Neuss on the Rhine (DKN) was completely sold out. A satisfied orchestral manager Martin Jakubeit informed the expectant audience at the Zeughaus that the following subscription concerts were booked to more than 90 percent, and explained the meaning and purpose of the unique scholarship holder sponsored by the city of Neuss. He left Ania Bara at the Radio-Symphonieorchester Berlin in the summer, and welcomed Lilit Tonoyan as a new scholarship holder, who won the Kunstförderpreis of the city of Neuss last year.

The first concert started with wonderful entertainment, because the famous "Serenata notturna" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was performed by the DKN with good ease. Even the pompous march occasionally became a scherzo. The string orchestra with timpani performs a solo quartet against double bass instead of violoncello. Lavard Skou Larsen (on the 1st violin) continued to delight the audience by starting the recurring chorus in the final final "Rondeau" with Wiener Walzertakten and the opening acts of the "Marseillaise".

But the centerpiece of the evening was a world tour. The composition "Sarumba" was written by the Dutch composer Peter Lieuwen (63), living in Texas, on behalf of the Chamber Soloists Salzburg and the DKN for two soloviolines and orchestra. The soloists were Lavard Skou Larsen and his wife Emeline Pierre, who also teaches as a violin professor at the Academie Musicale Lyon. The rhythmically stirring work effectively connects Brazilian dances such as the Samba, Rumba and the North Brazilian Baiao. Completely succeeded the balance between the string orchestras, especially the dancer's rhythms, reinforced by piano, timpani and numerous percussion, and the soloists, who mostly melodic lyricism. The composer present in Neuss was visibly happy with this premiere.

Passion and excellent performance were also determined by Joseph Haydn's masterpiece Oxford Symphony, which gave Lavard Skou Larsen distinctive accents. The horns and trumpets were particularly popular among the excellent winds, for the DKN had chosen soft, historical natural instruments. (Nima)