“The conductor Franz Anton Krager, with the composer Peter Lieuwen in attendance, come off with a remarkable world premiere. Lieuwen is working with driving patterns, acting as melodic rhythm scenes, which could be derived from characteristic African percussion formations. Here however they are the strings, with the basis set in the violins and alternatively in the violas and cellos. The orchestra forms melodic arches, which move invariably upwards; strong-willed, eruptive and effervescent. Remarkable also is the cue of the brass. The audience perceives jazz-funk- influences in a style of Maceo Parker. Also is recalled the compositions of Patrick Williams (as for instance the film music in “The Streets of San Francisco” from the 70’s). The second movement is entitled “Love”. Here, the brass strike up a solemn introduction which ends in an empty quint. Either major or minor, either luckiness or misery: exit open as in real life.”


Christof FiedlerDONAKURIER (Germany)