RHAPSODY for violin and piano (2013)

Andrzeg Grabiec and Timothy Hester

RHAPSODY for violin and piano (2013) - 12'

The Rhapsody for violin and piano was commissioned by Andrzej Grabiec and offers a variety of mood and color with broad sweeping melodic gestures juxtaposed with those that are brisk and syncopated. Consonant melodies alternate with those that are decidedly dissonant. Extended tertian harmonies and modal passages are presented in combination with dramatic changes in texture and tempo. Engaging in frequent dialogue, the two instruments are treated as true equals.

Rhapsody for violin and piano was premiered on a Texas Music Festival Concert in Dudley Recital Hall, University of Houston on June 18, 2013

Publisher: Keiser Southern Music

Recording: OVERLAND DREAM: Chamber Music for Strings, Winds and Piano


Performed by Andrzej Grabiec, violin; Timothy Hester, piano

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