BRIGHT RIVER for clarinet and piano (2014)

Wonkak Kim


Commissioned by Wonkak Kim

The inspiration for Bright River (2014) is found in the visual and auditory intricacies of rivers as they evolve from rivulets and continually fluctuate between waterfalls, violent rapids and tranquil pools as the terrain changes. In Bright River the piano presents a constant flowing motion that is placid and lyrical in some passages while spirited and syncopated in others. The clarinet presents a bold awakening introductory gesture and weaves in and out of the musical fabric as the piece moves forward. Drama and tension are enhanced with pandiatonic sections juxtaposed with those employing the diminished (half-step/whole-step) scale. The melody is often presented “in harmony” at the interval of the 7th or 9th creating a translucent musical aura. Bright River was written for and is dedicated to Wonkak Kim and Grace Choi.

~ PL

"You cannot step twice into the same river." - Heraclitus

Publisher: Keiser Southern Music

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