VIVACE for string orchestra (2010)

Slovak National Symphony Orchestra

VIVACE for string orchestra (2010)

Vivace began its musical life as the third movement of my Sonata for Guitar (2009), recorded by Isaac Bustos on MSR CD 1581. While writing the sonata, I began to realize what a resonant “symphonic” instrument the guitar really is, and how well idiomatic guitar figurations might translate to the orchestra. As the title suggests, Vivace is a short lively piece tinged with spiritual uplift. Supported by a steady rhythmic ostinato in stretto, the broad melody (in slow harmonic rhythm) is presented first in the highest voice and then answered in a lower one. The dove-tailing of gestures and its consequent antiphonal character permeate the movement. Often the melody is presented “in harmony” at the interval of the 7th or 9th. As with many of my recent compositions, the variation, color and drama are enhanced by the juxtaposition of pan-diatonic passages with those that are chromatic and dissonant. 

Vivace received its world premiere on April 26, 2014 by the Texas A&M Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Sikes.

Recorded by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, Franz Anton Krager, conductor on MSR Classics MS 1582

Publisher: Keiser Southern Music

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