Tres Amigos for violin, horn, and piano with orchestra (2020)

Kirsten Yon, violin / Brian Mangrum, horn / Timothy Hester, piano / Franz Anton Krager, conductor

Tres Amigos (2020)

Triple Concerto for violin, horn, and piano with orchestra

3/2/3/2 4/3/3/1 timp./3 perc  strings


Like many of my compositions, Tres Amigos is influenced by natural sounds, infused with the kinetic syncopated rhythms of jazz, rock, and world musics. This upbeat triple concerto alludes to several Brazilian rhythms including the Samba, Baião (3+3+2 feel), Tango, and Frevo. With minimalist textures in a neo-classic setting, the sonic design of the work includes extended triadic harmonies interspersed with modal passages. Both of these elements can be found in Impressionist music as well as modern jazz. The melodic gestures are often presented “in harmony” at the interval of the 7th or 9th, creating a sonic halo around the primary melody. The dissonant octatonic scale (alternating half and whole steps) divides the more consonant pandiatonic gestures which permeate the work. Klangfarbenmelodie (sound/color/melody) in which a melodic gesture is initiated in one instrument or group and completed in another is also present. Orchestral color is enhanced by the use of Latin percussion instruments including the marimba, timbales, and cabasa.